Who is Sensei Amr Abdulkader


Amr Abdulkader Sensei, 3rd Dan Aikikai

Amr started practicing Aikido since 2015 as a method to learn self defense, increase self confidence and get fit with the Egyptian Aikido Association (EAA) in Cairo, Egypt and got his first black belt from Aikikai Japan in 2017. His grand Master is Mohamed El Sayed Sensei, the president of EAA, 6th Dan Aikikai.

He was an instructor in Aikido Way Academy in New Cairo, Egypt and was member of the management team within the academy which had about 4 branches in several places across New Cairo.

Amr has helped prepare many Aikido practitioners with their journey from white to black belt.

He continues to maintain his personal training by attended seminars in Egypt and Canada with a focus on specialized Aikido weapons, black belts and instructor courses.

Certifications / Affiliations:

·         EAA – Egyptian Aidido, Judo & Sumo Federation – Certified Instructor

·         Shin Kaze Aikido Alliance Canada – Affiliate

Amr began teaching Aikido in Canada in 2018 as a member of the Shin Kaze Aikido Alliance with HQ in Toronto, ON led by Robert Zimmerman Shihan (7th Dan Aikikai; the chief instructor and the head of the alliance)