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In dojo classes starting back up on the 16th!!

In Dojo classes starting back up on the 16th of February 2020

Halton Region is being moved up to the Red zone which means we can start student registration back up on a limited basis for Tuesday classes next week on a first come first served basis. So, keep your eye on the schedule this weekend as we will be opening up the In person Classes schedule again.

Have you checked out our AMA Milton MyZone Club yet?

Our partnership with MyZone allows students and parents alike to workout together both virtually or in person at the dojo. Stay connected by cheering each other on or by creating challenges to invite your friends to.

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Dojo Closed Jan 9th to 16th

Hello AMA family,

please remember that there are no classes scheduled this week as we moved our annual vacation from December to January in order to get as many in person classes into the schedule as we could before the lock down.

Normally we would have been closed for two weeks starting December 19th as a part of our regular schedule. Instead we will only be closed 1 week in January.

Classes will resume on the 16th as scheduled.

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Covid-19 Updates Dec. 26th

Hello AMA Students and Parents,

I’m sure by now you have all heard about the impending province wide lockdown starting December 26th…

We knew this was likely coming and had sent out reminders for every one to get their home training spaces ready. While we will keep our eye out for the written details as to what the limitations are for sports training facilities, right now it looks like we will be moving to a fully online experience for the month of January (28 days)

Please also keep in mind that the dojo was previously scheduled to be closed the 2nd week of January anyway (Jan 9th to 16th), so there will be no change there. This was in leu of staying open over the holidays.

We expect to see all members who are currently attending at the dojo to temporarily move to the online classes so that their training can continue uninterrupted. We will not be freezing membership over this period.

Whether you have only the space between your bed and dresser, or if you have a full home gym in your basement, we have people making it work. So if you need ideas or help, please reach out.

Sensei Julie and I will be keeping our eye on the latest updates and will re-open the dojo space as soon as possible.

Be safe
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Holiday Hours

Hello AMA Students!

This year we have opted to stay open during December except for the stat holidays and Boxing Day. Normally we close for the two weeks between the 19th and Jan 1st. Instead we will be closing for 1 week in January (2nd week of January)

Dojo Closed

  • December 25th (Christmas Day)
  • December 26th (Boxing Day)
  • January 1st (New Year’s Day)
  • January 11th-15th (Sensei’s Vacation)

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Zoom links updated

Hello parents and students,

This is a reminder that the zoom links were all updated last Sunday. An email did go out and you should have received notification by Monday morning. If you are having difficulty joining the class please refer back to the class schedule page on the website at (You will need to be logged in to see the private zoom IDs and passwords.

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Yes we are open.

Hi every one,

I’m sending this out because we are still getting emails asking if we are open for in person training, and YES we are!

There are limitations of course. Many of you will have seen todays announcement about the pause on social bubbles and the reduction of exercise classes, and I just wanted to let every one know that our dojo is still in compliance with all the rules and regulations as we have been strict in our approach to re-opening from the beginning.

We are able and do require all members and staff to maintain a 2m distance inside our facility. We do require all members and staff to wear a mask when leaving their training space or if they are not able to maintain a 2m distance for any reason. We do require all members and staff to use the hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the premise as well as any additional times where they may have touched something that is not theirs. We do require staff to sanitize the facility between each class using commercial grade cleaning products.

Need to renew you membership?

For returning students or existing students who are coming up for renewal please contact the dojo via email or using the Contact Us page to let us know you wish to renew, and we will take you through the process. We can still bill monthly via EFT or you can chose to pay in full via email money transfer or by credit card via a PayPal invoice.

We are currently not making any transactions at the front counter as we need to limit the number of people in the school at all times.

New Members?

Yes, we are accepting new membership enrollments. The best way to do this is by purchasing the 6 week trial available on our website at or jus click the product link below.

6 week karate trial