Tai Chi

Tai Chi Quan – Grand Ultimate Fist

Tai Chi first came about as a fully realized self defence and combat system that encompassed both a martial art as well as a healing art. They are two sides of one coin than should not be separated if you are to realize the full potential of Tai Chi.
Initially many practitioners begin with memorizing movements and focusing on balance and range of motion. Then move on to meditation through physical movement allowing the clearing of the mind by focusing on your body. Providing mental clarity and wellbeing. Finally we delve into the hidden secrets of what each movement could be used for in a combat situation.

We practice a system of Tai Chi with large patterns to promote a healthy range of movement. Focusing on joint flexibility over muscular elasticity these activities help to prevent the injuries that are most often associated with restricted movement or age. Each class consists of a light warm up comprised of balance drills, isolated movement exercises and focused breath work. Paired with the technical training of the Tai Chi form our classes promote understanding of good movement and increased body awareness.

With a foundation in Tai Chi Chuan our Internal Martial Arts system envelops the Yang style. This classical systems facilitates an appreciation of the principles of yielding while improving ones balance, range of motion, and coordination. Slow controlled movements distinguish the Internal Martial Arts from most other systems, making it beneficial to all ages whether as a sole source of exercise or as a complement to your other Martial Arts training.


Structured karate programs for Kids, Youth, and Adults


An internal martial art for ages 16+


Personalized coaching for mental and physical wellness


Aikikai Aikido for Teens and Adults ages 13 & Up