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Who is Sensei Amr Abdulkader

Bio Amr Abdulkader Sensei, 3rd Dan Aikikai Amr started practicing Aikido since 2015 as a method to learn self defense, increase self confidence and get fit with the Egyptian Aikido Association (EAA) in Cairo, Egypt and got his first black belt from Aikikai Japan in 2017. His grand Master is Mohamed El Sayed Sensei, the […]

Who is Sensei Shawn Creighton

Step into the extraordinary world of martial arts under the expert guidance of Shawn Creighton. With an unyielding commitment to the arts, he has embarked on a transformative journey since April 1998, specializing in the revered GoJu Ryu karate, the graceful Yang style Tai Chi, and the time-honored kobudo weapons, including the Bo staff, Tonfa, […]