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Structured karate programs for Kids, Youth, and Adults


An internal martial art for ages 16+


Personalized coaching for mental and physical wellness


Aikikai Aikido for Teens and Adults ages 13 & Up

Step 1.

Check out our schedule

Take a look at the class schedule for our beginner classes and find your age group. You will want to be able to attend consistently at least twice per week.

Step 2.

Book your appointment

Our program director will be happy to go over all your questions during your appointment. The free evaluation class is a chance to see if you are a good fit for the school and determin your goals moving forward.

We are a private members club, you must have an appointment to enter the premises.

Book A Trial

Set High Goals

The average person wants to try karate because it sounds fun, the exceptional achieve their black belt, but the extraordinary strive beyond that to embody the training and philosophy into their lifestyle.

Quality Equipment

2000 square feet of training space and an 80′ bag rack. We have all the equipment you need for a professional experience.

Wellness Coaching

Professional wellness coaching including timeline therapy, hypnosis, and Huna practice

Personal Training

Private lessons are available to target specific areas that need improvement outside of class

Group HR Training

Using EKG technology we can provide our members empirical evidence of health improvements and fitness progress