Track Your Progress

The martial arts are unique in the fact that goal setting and progress monitoring are built into the system. In karate we use the belt system to track your overall progress throughout your journey.

Our Adult Karate (Kyu) ranks are as follows;

  1. White
  2. Yellow
  3. Orange
  4. Green
  5. Purple
  6. Blue
  7. Brown (1st & 2nd Stripes)
  8. Black (Dan Ranks)

Our Youth Karate (Kyu) ranks are as follows;

  1. White
  2. Yellow
  3. Orange
  4. Red
  5. Green
  6. Purple
  7. Blue
  8. Brown (1st & 2nd Stripes)
  9. Black (Dan Ranks)

Each of our Youth Kyu Ranks also has an associated Stripe as well.

In addition to our karate ranks each student also has the option of using our group heartrate monitoring system to track their physical exercise both inside and outside the club. This gives both the coaches as well as the student the ability to measure their physical fitness progress anywhere they go. The built in point system also allows them to know how they are doing according to the WHO’s fitness recommendations as well as challenge and cheer on their class mates.

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