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Physical fitness is an integral part of being able to defend yourself. As such our karate programs include a variety of activities that will improve your strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

Many if not most new and prospective students worry about not being ‘fit’ enough to join the martial arts, however this is not true. With our level based ranking system our instructors will start where ever your starting point is. If you are overweight we can help. Can’t touch your  toes, no problem we will get you there. Is your cardio non-existent? That’s ok.

That being said, our instructors are there to challenge you, so if you are starting with some fitness training already under your belt, we can help you discover muscles you may have never used before! Unlike many sports that are dominant on one side of the body or the other, like baseball, soccer, tennis, or golf, Karate and the martial arts in general are balanced requiring the use of both left and right sides of the body equally. Karate is a full body workout similar to swimming.

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