BowFlex SelectTech


SelectTech Products – The Variety You Need From The Comfort Of Home

Stowable, Adjustable Benches

Our SelectTech® benches provide premium versatility with a space-saving design, offering over 50% space maximization when not in use.

Dumbbell Stand with Media Rack

Organize your workout space with a single place for your weights and technology. The SelectTech Dumbbell Stand with Media Rack is ergonomically designed to keep your weights off the floor and within easy reach. Easily access training videos, entertainment, and more.

SelectTech ‘nology

Adjustable Weights in One Compact System


Tied to a whole rack of weights at the gym? Do the same variety of exercises from home with just one set of adjustable dumbbells.


Our unique locking mechanism locks in the weights you select and leaves behind those that you don’t.

Compact Design

Replace an entire rack of weights with a compact system that fits into the corner of nearly any room.