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Upcoming Events August 2020

Civic Holiday – August 3rd

This coming Monday is a civic holiday so there will be no classes either in person or remotely via video.

10-13 year old classes being added.

With phase 3 well underway the dojo will be moving forward with our next phase of opening up limited classes as well. Our next group of classes will be fore our 10 to 13 year olds. Both the White to Orange Adv. belts and the Red to Jr. Black Belt classes have been added to the “In Person Classes” schedule for online booking. Please note there is a limit of 10 students in each class and the booking is done on a first come first served basis.

Do NOT book classes you will not be able to attend. There Will be a monetary penalty of $19 for missed classes you have booked into. If you need to cancel a booking you will need to email us 24hrs in advance.

Please don’t book more than one class per week at this time. We are limiting classes this way to allow every one a chance to join us each week. If there are still spaces available 1hr before class begins you may book a second class.

Online Remote classes will still be available for days you can not join us in the studio. If you can not see the Zoom IDs please make sure you are logged in and have a valid membership.

Group Hear Rate Training

Join the AMA MyZone club! Group heart rate training allows the instructors to monitor effort and coach students more effectively both in class and remotely. We can see definitively who needs to pick up the pace and who needs to back off as necessary. Take your training to the next level with impractical evidence to back up your fitness performance.

Students can also motivate each other with friendly fitness challenges and live competition if they chose!

This is a great way for our remote participants to feel more like they are here with us…