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Star Athlete

Every month we select a star athlete from parent and instructor submissions. Athletes need to demonstrate a key characteristic to qualify for this honor;

  • An attitude of excellence
  • Educational Achievement at school
  • A display of charity to one of Milton’s public organizations

This month we have selected Nathan L. Here is what his mom had to say.

Nathan started is Karate journey with the Academy at 5 years old going on 6. Nathan was a very shy boy and needed to built some self esteem.

 Along is journey, he started by doing a tournament, and decided to become part of the rep team which allowed him to built is confidence. Now at 12 going on 13, is journey still continues and grows each day. Nathan is proud to be at your academy and misses quite of few of previous instructors (Mr. Holder in particular). Nathan believes Karate is the best exercise up there. All others doesn’t count(lol) He looks forward to continue is journey with is mama along the side and get is black belt and to become more strong, brave and gain lots of courage and self esteem.

We have move from the Milton community back in June 2017. Their was no question to have him change of academy. He wanted to continue with all of you. We are now part of the Puslinch community which Nathan did some brave gesture last month. On our way to the bank to deposit is pocket money to is account(accumulating money for a cell phone) , he saw an homeless man by the entrance of the parking lot. Just before going to deposit the money, he said: Maman, i don’t want to deposit, I want to give this man my money so he can go and eat. He got off of the car and went and give him is money. he also now started a piggy bank for the homeless. I couldn’t be more proud of is big heart.
I believe Nathan would always be this little shy boy with a big heart but would become a very proud and honor black belt student! he looks forward to continue is journey for the rest of is life.
Once again, thank you for all your work and teaching you have provided him so far. He are very fortunate to be part of your family ๐Ÿ™‚

Annie Lacombe Estrela

Nathan training remotely in his bedroom.
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