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Remote and In Person Classes Update

Hello Students and Parents!

Starting next week, August 31st, all students will need to be booked in on a weekly basis including those training in the Remote classes via zoom. Please note, if you chose not to book yourself in you will also not receive the email reminders about your class.

We are making this change to the remote classes so that instructors know who to expect on the zoom call so that they can plan their class accordingly.

New Classes Being Added

Starting September 7th our 5-6 year old students will be allowed to book into the in person classes! Please see the class description for details on drop off and pickup instructions as well as the COVID protocol requirements.

Starting Next week the following classes are added to the schedule;

  • Monday 8pm: 10-13 Red to Jr. Black
  • Tuesday 6pm: 10-13 White to Orange Adv.
  • Note: Tai Chi has been moved to 8pm on Tuesdays
  • Wednesday 7pm: 7-9 Yellow Adv. to Jr. Black
  • Thursday 5pm: 7-9 White to Yellow

See the booking schedule on the student portal for the most up to date class times