Adults and Teens

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Over two decades of advanced research in traditional and contemporary defensive techniques are united to form the system of Kosen Bujutsu. The progressive sciences of movement, fitness and strategy are taught in harmony with the traditional arts of Karate, Ju Jutsu, Kobudo, Tai Chi, and Goshin Jutsu. Presented in a time-honored approach to learning Kosen Bujutsu cultures an understanding of defensive principles and practices to equip you for life.

Our Adult program teaches the discipline and philosophy of the Traditional Martial Arts at a level that is appreciated by the adult student.

  • Karate is a self-defense discipline that develops mental focus and physical proficiency.
  • Kobudo is an ancient Martial Art that studies the traditional weapons of Japan.
  • Ju Jutsu will teach you how to defend and to escape from a variety of ground situations.

Our Adult Martial Arts program is structured to meet those specific needs of the mature student. Here, the physical and philosophical elements of the Martial Arts are taught at a level of diligence that can be appreciated by adults. In addition to scheduled classes there are numerous lectures, training seminars, and retreats offered throughout the year exclusively to the mature student.