$22.50 / month with 1 month free trial

Add the MZ-Remote+ classes to your workout routine.

Over 100 classes delivered to your mobile device every month.

For Best results you will need a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor however it is not absolutely required.


Select your participating dojo (if any) below so we can give them credit for your purchase with us.


Please Note:

  • After starting your subscription it will take a few days for us to add your email address to the system and create an account for you. (If you already have a MyZone account with our club please let us know your username)
  • If you are a MyZone member through another club, please contact the MyZone help desk and ask them to switch you to our club before proceeding. Club code MAMCA001
  • MZ-Remote+ includes classes provided through our partnership with MyZone through the MZ-Remote+ platform only. It does not include classes that require a dojo membership such as karate classes.
  • Your lifetime price will end if you chose to end your subscription or if we discontinue the program.


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