Foscomax Motion Tracking Webcam


Foscomax Motion Tracking HD 1080P Webcam

Are you tired of adjusting the angle of the camera constantly in live streaming or video chatting, and you can only sit in one position to keep focus? With this motion tracking webcam, you will make the process of live streaming and video chatting more enjoyable and easier.


Motion tracking: Blue indicator light flashes

Definition: Real 1080P

Auto focusing range:10-300cm

Adjustable Angle:270°

Viewing angle:110 °

USB Line length:140cm


When using a desktop, it is better to connect the webcam to the USB interface on the back of the computer.

lf you use this webcam to connect to a laptop or other device with a built-in camera, it may conflict with the device’s own camera, so you need to choose which camera you want to use or disable the built-in camera.


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