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Online Training Schedule

* Update: you can find all the classes and their zoom links here:

Here is a working schedule for our online training this week. Keep your eye on our posts as we update the links to the live videos.

Tuesday –  

Kata with Quincy – Jodan – 10:30am

Kids class with Carrie/William – 5:30pm –


Wellness Wednesday – Pilates with Sensei Jay 10am 

Tai Chi with Sensei Johnson  – Noon 

 Basics Training for Geki Sai Itch part 1 – Sempai Linhares – 3pm 

Training with Sensei Salhia – 6pm

Lecture with Sensei J Crieghton – 7pm


H.I.I.T Workout with Sensei Johnston – 10am 

 Basics Training for Geki Sai itch part 2  – Sempai Linhares – 11am 

Train with Sensei Mike – 3pm

Kata with Quincy- Gedan – 6pm 


Foam roller Friday with Sensei Sue – 9am 

Fusion Friday – Pilates with Sensei Jay 10am 

Family workout with Salomon/Percival family – 11am 

Kata with Quincy – Kakeuki- 6pm 


TAi Chi with Sensei Johnson – 9:30am 

Workout with Sensei Sue – 11am

Open Mat Chat with 5-7 year olds – Topic Optimism – with Sensei S Creighton 1pm


Family workout with Salmon/Percival Family – 10am