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Information for Parents/Guardians About Coronavirus

Hello Dojo family, we have many people who travel outside Canada either for vacation or business, and we ask that if you and or your child are returning from a trip to please take the following into consideration.

If you are showing any signs of cold or flu symptoms please stay away from the dojo!

The Halton Region Health Department has provided the attached letter with additional information for families. We encourage you to review this information carefully as it contains actions you can take to reduce possible transmission.

Federal, provincial and local health departments are working together to provide updates to the public. We are working closely with Halton Region Public Health to identify and communicate news of any coronavirus cases in the Halton Region that impact the Halton District School Board community. Since this is an evolving situation, we’ll continue to provide information as it becomes available.

As always, should you have questions about your family’s health, contact a medical practitioner. Please refer to the Ontario Ministry of Health coronavirus webpage for more information.

Additional Resources​
Ontario Ministry of Health – ​2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)​

Letters from the Halton Region Health Department​ January 27, 2020​
2019 Novel Coronavirus​​ – English​​
2019 Novel Coronavirus​​ – F​rançais
2019 Novel Coronavirus – عربى​​​
2019 Novel Coronavirus – 繁體中文​​​​​​​​​
2019 Novel Coronavirus – 简体中文​​​​​​​​​
​​2019 Novel Coronavirus – Español​​​​​​​​​

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A note from Sensei J.

Hello Students,

Please note that effective immediately we will be closing the front counter by 8 pm Monday – Friday. If you require assistance with memberships or signing up for workshops, please do not leave it for right before or right after you attend your class. Please schedule an appointment time at this link: http:/ if you would like to renew a membership. If you would like to sign up for workshops please do so by 7:30pm on weekdays so we can service you quickly. Alternatively you may also book workshops online or through the app.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Sensei J

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A new you for 2020

It’s a new year, let’s make 2020 different than last year! Nothing will change unless you change…

Check out our new adult karate trial for people that need to hit all 3 areas in their lives!

  1. Proper eating habits. This is a big one, as your weight it primarily controlled by what we eat. 80-90% of our weight loss goals are achieved through healthy eating. And most of us don’t eat enough…
  2. Fitness. If you can lose all the fat just by eating well, why work out? Well exercising is still an important part of being healthy. Also, muscle burns calories 24hrs a day 7 days a week. So why not put that to work while also being more flexible, better able to move and be happier since the endorphins help with that as well? Science based, trackable, fun and functional workouts. Karate has a purpose that will support your new lifestyle. Our classes and the exercises in them have been developed over decades to support and create black belt level candidates. With the new addition of heart rate based effort monitoring you/we can also empirically follow the effort of your workouts both inside and outside the dojo to help achieve quicker results!
  3. Community. You are the sum of those people you chose to be around. Why not chose to surround yourself with people who have the same goals as you? Our growing tribe of motivated lifestyle conscious members will cheer you on to success, encourage you when you need it, and challenge you to win at life. Statistically, people who are socially connected to others in this kind of environment, are 75% more likely to stick with and put more effort into their health goals!

The 1-2-3 Punch Adult Karate Trial

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Please attend our Christmas Cheer and Potluck on Saturday, Dec 21/19

Dear AMA Families and Students,

At 1:30pm on Saturday, Dec. 21 we will be having our annual Christmas Cheer and Potluck.  Please join us!  It is our last day of classes for the holidays until we re-open on January 6, 2020!

Please bring your favourite potluck item to share and enjoy some great catching up and socializing.  There will be some awards being handed out at the belt presentation so if you would like to watch, please plan to arrive before 1pm.

During our Cheer, the children will have a special Christmas movie playing while the adults have fun. All should be wrapped up between 3 – 5pm depending.

I would LOVE to see you there!

Kind regards,

Sensei J

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First MyZone Member Challenge starts Feb 1st 2020

Are you a part of our MyZone family yet?

On February 1st we will be initiating our first ever MyZone member challenge, and the Prize will be an Amazon Fire HD tablet!!!

What you need to play along.

  • You will need a compatible MyZone Heart Rate monitor registered with our club code (MAMCA001)
    • If you already have one you can call the MyZone support line to switch your home club to our code.
    • You need to have your registered monitor before the start of the Member Challenge (February 1st 2020) so that on the start date we can invite you to the challenge. Once the challenge has started we are no longer able to add/invite more people.
  • By the End of the Challenge (March 1st 2020) if you have accumulated a minimum of 1500 MEPs during the challenge period, you will be entered into the draw for the Fire HD tablet.
  • Prizes have no cash value and can not be exchanged for other items.

Quick link to get your heart rate monitor if you don’t have one already / Or Oder one at the front desk before January 15th!

Your Club Code is : MAMCA001
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Track your workouts at AMA Milton

Are you in the Zone?

Starting in the New Year you will be able to keep tabs on your workouts in class as well as outside the dojo! The best part? All our family members can take part… With our unique heart-rate tracking app and monitor you can participate in dojo challenges even if you don’t come to class! Parents, siblings, and friends… you are all welcome to join our family for a healthy long life.

Use Voucher Code “MAMCA001” to save $50 off your MZ3 Heart rate monitor.
Your Club code is MAMCA001
Your Club Code is: MAMCA001
Your Club code is MAMCA001

Get in the Zone.