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MyZone motivates

Hello Parents and Students!

As we slowly start to roll out plans to move back into the dojo we realize some members will prefer to continue training from the comfort of their homes, and this is perfectly ok! We will continue to offer online training for as long as there is a demand.

One thing remains true however, regardless if you are in the studio or at home, it is vital to your continued training to stay motivated! One of the best ways to do so is by surrounding yourself with a like minded community. People who can pick you up when your energy is low, and people to share your successes with and help out in kind.

We have found over the last 7 months we have been testing the MyZone group training app at the club, that those members who took part in the program have not only maintained their motivation, they have excelled in their training. With the system automatically rewarding them based on their effort it makes the health and exercise part of the training easier and more fun to follow along with.

MyZone for Teens and Youth

MyZone can easily be used by anyone ages 13+, and if you have a child who is under 13 we can accommodate them by having their parent fill out a quick form granting us permission to collect exercise related health information.

The MyZone system can be used as a tool to reward the effort of your kids to stay or get more healthy. Since the point system is based on effort rather than existing fitness levels every one is able to earn point that we call MEPs (MyZone Effort Points) Consider ways you could provide additional rewards at home in addition to the medals we award.

  • You could reward your child for each new level they reach which becomes progressively more difficult.
  • You can reward your child each time they earn a given number of MEPs (WHO recommends 1300 per month)
  • If your child is competitively motivated you could run House challenges with family and friends by doing MEP races. First one to 1300 wins a prize…

More importantly, for those members training remotely the MyZone app gives them a way to see where they stand during classes. Our MZ-Remote feature allows members to join class in the MyZone App and view the score tiles of other members and their own LIVE and train along.

After a workout/class, members can comment on friends workouts and chat right in the app.