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Letter to AMA Students and Families

Be safe

Dear AMA Students and families,

We sincerely miss seeing you at the Dojo and in classes!

It is unprecedented how the COVID19 pandemic has changed all our lives. All of us are affected in so many ways.   It is a most impactful and daunting time that we have ever experienced on a global scale. With that in mind we at AMA are doing everything we can on every level to support our members.

For the first time in our history, in a very short time, we have been presented with a challenge that has the capacity to close our doors, without your help. As is the case with every small business operating in Milton. These are words that are very hard for me to type.  It is a sentiment felt by many other businesses. The risk right now of permanent closure for small businesses everywhere is real.

As the province responds each day to improve the way we are staying healthy and safe, we will adjust and pivot to continue to be in alignment with you, and the needs of our community. The efforts to support small business is there, but it is by no means a perfect or problem free solution. Even with the relief offered, small business must qualify and not all monthly expenses can be deferred. While closed and not operational, we are expected to continue to pay expenses. Relief is limited and not 100%.

As of April 3, 2020, if you cannot maintain your monthly membership payments, they can be paused with notice. Otherwise automatic payments will be processed as per usual. Please get in touch with me in order to arrange this. The Dojo is working diligently to minimize your stress. We are a small business that relies heavily on our month to month income. If you are in a position to continuing paying your membership fees, renew at expiry, purchase private virtual sessions, or schedule a virtual grading, it will help the survival of our Dojo. If you can support us this way, a combination of compensation methods will take place when we reopen in order to ensure you / your child receive the training required. The compensation will be in the form of membership extension, dojo credit (to go towards, seminars, gradings and merchandise, and immersion classes which will be in sets of 2-3 hour classes) to hone lost skills and fill in any individual training needs.

In order to serve our members, we will continue to offer our full schedule of virtual classes throughout the closure. We highly recommend that you or your child join our virtual sessions.  It’s so important to stay strong, healthy and manage stresses. Martial arts has always been a valuable asset in promoting physical and mental health. Here is the link to check out our virtual classes:

We are offering over 42 classes a week online with our highest level instructors! What a great opportunity to add these experiences to your training repertoire!

Stay tuned for more information, and updates regarding online learning and virtual connecting.

Finally, we wish all of you continued wellness and safety and we look forward to seeing you in our virtual classes. It’s good know, that even if we can’t see you in person, we are still able to connect in the virtual Dojo!

Please reach out if you have any questions!

Sensei J. Creighton