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Important Coronavirus Student and Member Information

Good Morning AMA Families and Students,

Today will be our last day of operations, please be advised that the Milton Academy of Martial Arts will be closed as of 3:00pm today, Saturday, March 14 through to Sunday, April 5th, tentatively scheduled to reopen Monday, April 6th for regularly scheduled classes. We will be implementing ONLINE TRAINING AND VIRTUAL CLASSES Please continue to watch for our regular emails with updates AND online class information, going forward.

We made the decision to remain open today and then close tentatively until April 5th, this past Thursday, when the decision was made to close ALL Ontario Schools for 2 weeks after the March Break. The schools finished their week off yesterday and we will finish ours off today. Currently any event greater than 250 participants has been mandated closed with small group events not being mandated as such yet. Please click the following links for reliable updates: and

Please be advised that classes are running today, because classes on Saturday’s have no more than 2-10 students attend in general and we modified our class structures last week to exclude any physical contact and no equipment being used in classes. I was in personally at 7 am this morning, cleaning the dojo top to bottom with strong disinfectant products.

Today’s grading will go on as scheduled as it is not a large group. That said we will be limiting the number of spectators permitted to watch to 1 parent or guardian in the audience. We will be live streaming the grading on our YouTube channel: so that other family members and friends can watch from home. We ask that siblings be left at home as well. Please note, that if you wish to not have your child attend the grading there will be no penalty in any way. We will implement our regular policy of placing your child in the next available grading.


Sequin No Tonbo Kata workshop – changed from March 28th 1-2:30pm to April 18th 5pm-6:30pm

Nubiri Ryu No Tonbo – Changed from March 29th | 2pm – 4pm to April 19th 2pm – 4pm

Belt Presentation & Grading ALL levels – Changed from April 4th 1pm, 2pm-3pm & 3pm -4pm to May 9th same times.

A word of comfort: I was a nurse working in the community during the SARS outbreak many years ago. It felt very scary and uncertain. Canada responded well and I have 100% confidence that the same will happen again. Please do not get caught up in watching the news stations that promote fear, stick with reliable agency information. We will remain in contact with all our students virtually and provide a safe space of connection that way.

Wishing you all continued good health and wellness!

Warm Regards,

Sensei J