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Hey AMA peeps, looking for a new scale?

Hey everyone,

Since we are all stuck at home this week I hope you are all taking advantage of the live video training as well as the home workouts.

I know our MyZone group has been working out hard, and last week Mr. Dunn won bragging rights to our March break yellow zone challenge.

I’m a big proponent of data based training and fitness which is only one reason I introduced MyZone to the club, but an even more important tool for data collection is a good scale.

However, weight is not enough and it will differ from scale to scale, not to mention your weight is likely to go up as you gain muscle mass. So I always look for one that at the very minimum calculated body fat percentage. Also good to have is hydration measurements since being properly hydrated is important for fat loss.

They don’t have to be expensive either. I started with a Fitbit one when they first came out and it was great, but it was also a couple hundred dollars at that time… Now I have a great scale I found on amazon for under $50 that does all the same measurements and more. Check it out;