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Grading invitation emails have gone out! PLEASE READ, IMPORTANT INFO

Hello AMA Families and Students,

Our virtual classes have been a HUGE success, if your child or yourself have not joined your classes online yet and wish to maintain your level of belt and advance as per norm please reach out to us to help you get set up!

Our online training has been such a success, that we are ready to hold our very 1st virtual online grading this Saturday, June 27 at 2pm and 3pm. Grading invitation emails have been sent with a link listed in the ALTERNATE ADDRESS field. Click the link and register online.

Once you or your child is registered a zoom link will be sent to you. PLEASE REACH OUT BY FRIDAY IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE LINK BUT HAVE PAID ALREADY.

VERY IMPORTANT: IF you or your child were being looked at for grading readiness and you did not receive an email it is due to the likelihood that one of 2 things happened. Your child is not following instructions or behaving as well as they need to be or they are not demonstrating the strength, power, effort and intensity required to attain the next belt level. Please reach out to set up a meeting to discuss or to set up a series of private lessons that can help prepare for the next grading. Often all that is needed is a supportive team effort to help the student surpass the challenge.

Warm regards,

Sensei J