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Free LIVE Guided Healing Meditation Tonight at 7pm

Join me for a free LIVE Guided Healing Meditation tonight at 7pm!

These meditations are designed to get you focusing on healing your own physical and energetic nature with meditation.

Guided Healing Meditations are a wonderful compliment to any medical or alternative health care that you might be receiving.

Participants report feeling a positive and measurable change in the following areas:
– headache
-anxiety/low mood

Participants also report:
– improvement in chronic and acute pain
-overall increase in energy
-increase in a sense of well being and wellness
-improvement with breathing and viral symptoms

🥰If you are experiencing it – you can work on healing it!

If your are interested in booking a private healing session please book at:
(SPECIAL: when booking a 90 minute session: buy 1 get 1 free)

*Gift Certificates available*

Tonight’s Free Live Guided Healing Meditation Link below:

Free Live Guided Healing Meditations are available every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am (EST) and Wednesdays 7pm (EST)
Please find specific links posted on my FB Page: join live at the times specified at  Please sign in with your gmail account (email address) in order to chat with me live in the “top Chat” section.

Coming SOON:FREE Weekly Global Guided Healing Meditations on Sunday mornings!

To your self-mastery and wellness,

Sensei J