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Covid-19 Updates Dec. 26th

Hello AMA Students and Parents,

I’m sure by now you have all heard about the impending province wide lockdown starting December 26th…

We knew this was likely coming and had sent out reminders for every one to get their home training spaces ready. While we will keep our eye out for the written details as to what the limitations are for sports training facilities, right now it looks like we will be moving to a fully online experience for the month of January (28 days)

Please also keep in mind that the dojo was previously scheduled to be closed the 2nd week of January anyway (Jan 9th to 16th), so there will be no change there. This was in leu of staying open over the holidays.

We expect to see all members who are currently attending at the dojo to temporarily move to the online classes so that their training can continue uninterrupted. We will not be freezing membership over this period.

Whether you have only the space between your bed and dresser, or if you have a full home gym in your basement, we have people making it work. So if you need ideas or help, please reach out.

Sensei Julie and I will be keeping our eye on the latest updates and will re-open the dojo space as soon as possible.

Be safe