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Dear Parents,

This month we will be working on the character lesson: COOPERATION. Cooperation is a skill that must be learned. We are in a unique position to help children learn how to build cooperation. When this skill is present, the child understands how to balance his or her own needs and wants with the needs and wants of others. Many people think that cooperation means the child does what the adult wants. That’s not the case. True cooperation is a give and take between people that ends up with something they both agree on.

Here is a guideline regarding children and cooperation based on age:

  • With children ages 3 and 4; they are learning how to follow rules. Teach them how to follow the rules without getting angry.
  • With children ages 5 and 6; they are learning how to problem solve. Teach them about making choices that are fair for everyone involved.
  • With children ages 7 and 9; they are learning how to work in groups. Teach them not to exclude anyone.
  • With children ages 10 and up; they are learning the power of support. Teach them how to encourage each other and make everyone feel needed.

Be sure to point out when you see cooperation displayed at home. Acknowledging them when they cooperate and explaining the benefits from their cooperation is the best way to build this skill. You can help your children become better individuals simply by emphasizing all of the content in this month’s character lesson.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to watching our youthful students build the skill of cooperation.


AMA staff

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