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Belt Presentation Instructions for Saturday July 18th

Hello AMA Students and parents, and Congratulations to all who have passed their exams. Results have been sent out to those who attended the belt exam last month and RSVP emails have gone out for this Saturday’s presentation. So If you haven’t heard from us and believe you should have, first check your junk mail then contact us ASAP so we can confirm your / your child’s attendance manually.

So, how will this all work? We have made some changes based on lessons learned last month.

  • The presentation will begin at 1 pm on the 18th.
  • Please attend in full uniform including your current belt
  • When entering the parking lot proceed to the rear of the building from the east side and line up along the west side of the building facing north and remain in your vehicle until it is your turn. (see the video and map below)
  • Please take photos and video! This is a unique experience that you may not have again in the future.
  • Be cautious and courteous to other traffic in the complex. Don’t block exits or walking paths to other shops.
  • Exit the parking lot after receiving your belt! (As much as we love that people want to watch having vehicles stop or move back into the parking lot could bring a halt to the entire process. Instead feel free to watch online)

We will be live broadcasting the presentation to our private Facebook group.

If you are a parent or family member of an existing student you are welcome to join our Facebook group and watch the presentation live online! When you join the group please enter the full name of the student so we know who you are watching and can safely add you to the group.

Again, we love you all and look forward to seeing every one back in the dojo as soon as we are legally allowed to! We love seeing your photos from home both while training and life in general so feel free to share in the facebook group or on your own page and tag us in the photos with @amamilton ๐Ÿ™‚