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Be Awesome!

Hey AMA Friends and Family,

Here’s my ‘Quote of the Week!’

“Greatness is not measured by the job you have, but by the way you perform your job.” ~MS

If I was a janitor at a local business, then I would be the BEST janitor in the world!

~I would take great pride in my role.

~I would aim to have the cleanest facility in our community.

~I would create systems for my cleaning process.

~I would go the extra mile and take care of tasks beyond my role if it meant improving the overall look of the business.

~I would motivate and inspire my co-workers.

~I would share feedback and ideas with my boss on how to improve our department.

You get my point;)

It doesn’t matter what job I have, I will be the BEST!

Please reply with a 💪 if you are with me on this!