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2 sites of AMA Milton

Hello AMA parents, over the past 5 months many of you have become much more familiar with our online tools. For those who are still confused, I wanted to take a moment to introduce and explain our two websites and what they are used for. Ps. Technically there is a third corporate site, but that is primarily for advertising and you don’t need to do anything with that one…

Please keep in mind that there are two different sites, each with their own login information.

The site it our Milton Specific news site and online store. It is also the foundation of the AMA Milton app on the App Store. We highly recommend subscribing to the blog posts to receive updates on events and class information. This is also where you will find the links / IDs to join our Remote classes. We had to place this info here instead of the student portal due to limitations we found in the student portal.

Where possible we are using the shop to take payments online for things like grading fees and pro-shop items. Not everything is listed in the shop as of yet, so if there is equipment or apparel you need please feel free to reach out to the dojo via email.

Larger Items like Membership Renewals are being done manually so please contact the dojo via email when it’s time for you to renew. You will still receive the automated reminder emails 30 days in advance and again if your account expires.

Student Portal:

The student portal is where we manage all membership data and class schedules. Many of you have been logging in and booking classes for in person classes already and starting this month we added the booking feature to our remote classes as well. This was done to allow the instructors to know who to expect.

Do not create your own account. Each student is already associated to a member login which should be the email address you gave us when you registered for classes, this will have changed if you ever asked us to update it. If your email is selected as the primary contact for a group of contacts you will also be able to see the other family members in your account. If you can’t log in please email us so we can assist you.

As with all things, even these sites are subject to change. We are currently using 2 sites out of necessity not by design. Neither one allows us to manage the school entirely on its own so we are making due for now. Our hope is that eventually our Student Portal will be able to do all the things we need and we will be able to consolidate our resources. So until that happens we appreciate your patients and understanding.

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